MIPS: Metal Interactions in Protein Structures

A database on all the metal containing proteins available in Protein Data Bank. MIPS allows the user to access the quantitative information of proteins containing metals. Set the parameters and search for metal containing proteins.Click on the interaction option below to view the interactions of a particular metal with protein residues, water molecules, ligand molecules and metal ions.The number of interacting molecules is also specified.
Experimental method

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Interaction of a particular metal ion
With protein residue(s) only
                 Name of the residue  
                 Number of protein residue(s)         
With water molecule(s) only
                 Number of water molecule(s)        
With ligand molecule(s) only
                 Name of the ligand   
                 Number of ligand(s)         
With other metal(s) only
                 Name of the metal   
                 Number of metal(s)         
Combination of the above four options
               Number of residue(s)         
               Number of water molecule(s)         
               Number of ligand(s)         
               Number of metal(s)         
With any residue in the protein structure
                Number of residue(s)         
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List of all metal containing proteins available in MIPS database

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